The Power Of Physical Beauty In Modern Society

The Power Of Physical Beauty In Modern Society

The notion of physical beauty has continually changed throughout the history of the development of human thought.

The aesthetic ideals of the 21st century establish by the mass media and industry (cosmetics and textile). The market also has a significant influence through fashion magazines, fashion shows, music videos, movies, specialized fashion television channels, and more.

Following the ruling ideals of beauty, modern society has created strict and even ruthless criteria. Slimness and freshness (eternal youth) of the body become imperatives. Internal processes (aging) tries to be controlled by applying various aesthetic procedures, starting with face lifting, liposuction, silicone implantation, and similar measures.

Having a beautiful body means a kind of capital because physical beauty is one of the primary value orientations in modern society. The body also becomes a manipulative means of strengthening social and personal status. Beauty becomes a means of earning money, social promotion, self-satisfaction, conquest, and more.

A desirable appearance requires a lot of sacrifice and self-control. In a society where physical beauty overestimates, the attitude towards old age is rigid. Modern society seems to be afraid of elderliness and the transience of beauty. Society, in particular, is intolerant of women’s age. People increasingly classify by age, and less by essential characteristics, virtues, talents, goals they strive for, and integrity.

Accumulation of years and life experience, as if eluding new technologies, modern norms, and even a youthful appearance.

The daily struggle against everything that not consider beautiful enough or what any modern cosmetic and medical method can change or improve becomes imperative for the contemporary individual.

Although beauty has always fulfilled, in part, the meaning of life, today, it is increasingly becoming the essentialism of life.

Above all, the beauty of the body or physical beauty. The current value system emphasizes beauty.

So, beauty becomes a power or a promise of happiness.