The Beauty Inside

The Beauty Inside

There is so much talk about cosmetics, clothing and other outward things that make us beautiful. But what about inside beauty? There is a beauty in a person who has character and a bright, shining personality that cannot be measured. The beauty inside is the most important of all. It is what drives us into living our best and most purposeful life. When we hear beauty we think about what we look like? We think about physical features, our shapely body, our lovely face, our long legs and other things that can only be seen from the outside. And while these things are nice, they will soon begin to fade after years of living. But the beauty inside is something that will only grow and become even more beautiful as time passes by. The multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry does not need to pay one dime to develop the beauty inside. No, this must be done by living right daily and working on real growth from the inside out.

So what determines the beauty inside? These are some elements that will define who you are on the inside:

*Character – Your makeup and distinguishing traits that determine who you are.

*Integrity – Your trustworthiness or incorruptibility to a degree that you are incapable of being dishonest.

Having a High Self Worth – Understanding how important you are to yourself and to the world, Giving yourself permission to know that you are worthy of the best life.

Living A Purposeful Life – Living a life that is filled with purpose. You know your passion and dreams and are working daily to make them a reality. You are lifting others up and helping to serve while helping to make this world a better place.

These traits are the evidence of a person who has beauty inside. It is something that we all should pursue and hopefully one day achieve.