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The Advantage Of Having A Nice Skin: Follow These Tips

The Advantage Of Having A Nice Skin: Follow These Tips

THE ADVANTAGE OF HAVING NICE SKIN is that your personal style looks much better than having neglected skin. Clean, moisturized and nourished skin gives you a healthier look. The makeup you use on your face and the clothes you wear will stand out much more if your skin is well cared for. Having a gorgeous skin requires good habits that must be followed every day. Here are the best ideas you can apply to your daily beauty routine.

1-Daily skin cleansing

Both your facial and body skin need daily cleansing to free them from accumulated toxins. Use facial soap to cleanse your face and then put on a toning lotion for your skin type.

When you bathe, take care of your body skin using a soft soap that respects your internal balance. Rinse your skin with cold water, that activates the circulation.


All facial skin types require moisturization. Dry skin needs a consistent moisturizer. Normal skin, oily skin and mixed skin need a light moisturizer. You should apply it to your facial skin after you have toned it with a specific lotion.

After bathing, spread a moisturizing body lotion on your skin to keep your skin silky throughout the day.

Use sunscreen on your face and body every day.


Both facial and body skin need to be nourished to look beautiful. The best time to nourish the skin is during the night, while the cells are being renewed. Choose a nighttime facial cream for your skin type and apply it every night before you go to sleep.

For your body skin, use a lightweight nourishing lotion and apply it at night or after bathing.

Final advice

For your skin to always look radiant you should drink plenty of water every day. It is also good to drink fruit juices and infusions such as lemon or peach tea.