Skin Care
Skincare: Keys To Beautiful Body Skin

Skincare: Keys To Beautiful Body Skin

Body SKINCARE is as important as facial SKINCARE. The body skin is exposed to the sun’s rays, environmental pollution and climate change. For this reason, body skin must be treated properly on a daily basis. Many women make the mistake of choosing body skin products of dubious quality. The reality is that our skin is very delicate, so we must prefer good quality products that respect its natural balance. The most recommendable thing is to visit a dermatologist who studies our skin and tells us what specific care it needs. However, SKINCARE begins at home, through good habits.

SKINCARE for your body begins in the morning when you take a bath. It is convenient that you choose a soap with natural ingredients such as marigold, coconut or wild flowers. Then you should dry your skin with a towel delicately, without rubbing it. It is highly recommended that you spread a moisturizing lotion on your body to avoid dryness. Remember that it is also essential that you use sunscreen throughout your body, so you avoid wrinkles and spots produced by the sun’s rays. Wear clothes that are friendly to your skin. That is why you should use fabrics such as cotton, linen or natural silk.

If you want to enjoy beautiful skin throughout your life it is essential that you stay hydrated all day. Remember to drink two liters of water every day. If drinking a lot of water bores you, you can opt for fruit juices. If you like to drink infusions, choose lemon and chamomile tea. Avoid drinking alcohol in excess, as it ages the skin in the long term.

SKINCARE demands a good exfoliation to eliminate toxins and dead cells. In this way the skin is renewed and kept healthy. Bathe with a soap or body exfoliating gel once a month to make your skin look radiant.