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Punk Fashion Style – Subculture Fashion

Punk Fashion Style – Subculture Fashion

Punk is a movement in rock music widespread most in the US and the UK in the second half of the 1970s, and in a broader sense, punk is the name for a subculture related to that type of music. Punk is an alternative youth culture, and it has its recognizable music, ideology, style of dress, and visual identity.

Different subgroups of the punk subculture have different fashion styles. Punk clothing mainly comprised various chains attached to clothing, plaid shirts and torn pants, leather jackets, scarves, chains, badges, pin-on buttons, and patched clothing. The most common hairstyles of this fashion style were mohawk and long colored hair.

A notable fashion designer at the time of punk is Vivienne Westwood, a British fashion designer. Punk strongly inspired Vivienne, and she opened four boutiques in London.

Anarcho-punk fashion usually comprised military, black clothing, overused symbols denoting anarchism, and slogans on garments, predominantly t-shirts. Of the hairstyles, the Iroquois was most often worn.

Fans of Celtic punk fashion style mostly mix hardcore style, street punk, and skinheads fashion. The most common clothing items are boots, sneakers, work trousers, leather jackets. Hairstyles were mostly short.

Cowpunk fans – clothing items include motorcycle jackets, overalls, work, and cowboy boots. Hairstyles are mostly mohawk and long hair, and there are beards and mustache.

Crust punk clothing usually comprises black camouflage pants and T-shirts, and torn clothes. Many garments are patched with metal wedges. A common symbol on t-shirts is a marijuana leaf, and from hairstyles, they mostly wear dreadlocks.

Dance punk fashion includes fluorescent colors, wide pants, light sticks, and chains military boots. Iroquois and dreadlocks predominate in hairstyles.

Garage punk bands often wear clothes from the middle 1960s, such as velvet jackets, tight gray suits, and black leather jackets.

Glam punk fashion style is like garage punk, but it contained sequins. Here are tight jeans, unusual costumes with patterns like a leopard, satin shirts, platform shoes. The hair was light-colored.

The above are just some of the many forms of punk fashion style, and what they all have in common is that they were initially considered shocking, then fully commercialized, and gained media attention. Many influential fashion companies saw the potential in this fashion style and made it for the masses.