3 Habits That Destroy Your Beauty That You Should Avoid

All women of all cultures have the goal of achieving BEAUTY, based on their own ideals. We all know that to be beautiful we must eat healthy, exercise, sleep well, take care of the skin, etc. While these habits are very effective in looking good, it is also important to take into account harmful habits that destroy BEAUTY. These habits […]

The Ideals Of Female Beauty Through History

The ideal of female beauty has changed drastically throughout history. Today’s beauties would, for example, go completely unnoticed during the Renaissance. Today, we can reconstruct the criteria and measures of the beauty of a space and time by observing the works of art of artists of that epoch. ANCIENT GREECE In ancient Greece, beauty associate with measure and harmony. More […]

The Power Of Physical Beauty In Modern Society

The notion of physical beauty has continually changed throughout the history of the development of human thought. The aesthetic ideals of the 21st century establish by the mass media and industry (cosmetics and textile). The market also has a significant influence through fashion magazines, fashion shows, music videos, movies, specialized fashion television channels, and more. Following the ruling ideals of […]

Beauty: Good Health Is The Key

All women want to achieve a full BEAUTY that makes them feel satisfied with themselves. The reality is that the best way to achieve an ideal of BEAUTY of your own is by leading a healthy life. Therefore the three most important keys to beauty are good nutrition, physical activity and good sleep. If you follow healthy habits throughout your […]