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Learn About The Fashion Style That Fits All Women

Learn About The Fashion Style That Fits All Women

Although it seems incredible millions of women around the world really don’t know what to wear because they don’t know every FASHION STYLE in depth. Fashion is so wide and diversified that women get confused. Fortunately, there is oNE FASHION STYLE that suits all women: the minimalist style. This style is expressed through basic garments with pure lines, without adornments or unnecessary details. If you find it difficult to choose the clothes you will wear every day, this FASHION STYLE is for you. Minimalism looks good on any occasion. There is no risk that you will make a mistake, because this style adapts to any circumstance.

Features of a universal look

The minimalist style is simple and sober, but allows for versatility. The fabrics and garments are of good quality and adapt to any activity that women perform. The colors used are of neutral tonality and are combinable between if: black, white, camel, gray and all the ranges of the blue. The great premise of this fashion style is “Less is More”, since it bets on elegance mainly. You can use any accessory, which must be discreet. Your makeup should be natural and simple. You should use a good foundation and blush on your cheeks, no more is needed. Use light perfumes, which are adapted to any occasion.

A style that always fits

If you’re always in doubt about what to wear, adopt the minimalist style today. The basic garments of this style are: straight skirts, blazers, raincoats, white shirts, straight jeans, black leather jacket without trim, dress shoes, classic boots, black bags, small hoops. This FASHION STYLE can be used in any context and you will always be well dressed. The ultimate goal of the minimalist style is that the woman feels comfortable and does not waste time thinking about what she is going to wear today.