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Classic Style: The Fashion Style That Lasts Through Time

Classic Style: The Fashion Style That Lasts Through Time

Fashion changes all the time because it adapts to the situation of the woman of each epoch. However, there is a FASHION STYLE that transcends any era: the classic style. This style is the most important of all, since it is based on basic garments that will always be used. If you want to have a good closet, you have to have classic clothes, because those will be the basis for you to dress well. Then, you can acquire the clothes that are the current trend. The classic style gives you security, comfort and elegance. It is ideal for going to work, because you will project the image of a reliable woman.

A good image

The classic style is a FASHION STYLE that lasts through time because whoever chooses this style will always be dressed correctly. The woman who chooses this fashion style is serious, traditional, cultured, friendly and well educated. She feels rejection for the stridencies, the frivolity and the bad taste. She does not like to get out of the established structures and prefers security and predictability in all areas of life. If you have this personality profile do not hesitate to adopt the classic style, as it will reflect you perfectly.

Basic guide to classic style

To easily recognize the classic style you should know that the predominant fabrics are cotton, denim, linen, natural silk, wool and gabardine. The colors most used are black, gray, white, blue and red only on special occasions. The classic garments par excellence that you can wear are: straight pants, straight blue jeans, pleated skirt, black dress at the knee, white shirt, stiletto shoes, clutch for night events and large black bags at any time. Keep in mind that the classic garments can be combined with each other and you can wear accessories such as necklaces, belts and wristwatches.