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Bohemian Fashion Style

Bohemian Fashion Style

There are many fashion styles, and the proper task is to recognize what suits you best, or again, to be brave enough for the fashion challenge of transformation. Knowledge and understanding of fashion styles are essential for fashion professionals. They create new fashion styles and restyle old ones.

It can be said that it is a bohemian style, a hippie style of the modern age. Clothes the bohemian style draws inspiration from a romantic view of the world, celebrating love, freedom, simplicity, unconventionality, which manifested itself through historical artists, whose appearance and work was characterized as romantic and bohemian.

Bohemian fashion style is characterized by certain romantic forms of clothing, their patterns, mild lines, colorfulness, casualness, a kind of essiness’ (emphasis on the natural and wild in people).

Mostly they are long skirts and dresses, various forms of robes, harem pants, trapeze pants, simple blue jeans that were adopted in the hippie era, a lot of fashion accessories, jewelry, and more.


Although all colors are represented, earthy tones predominate, but also white. Fabrics samples are very diverse and challenging to describe. The most common are mandalas, leaves, flowers, stripes (regular and irregular), tribal motifs, feathers, and more.


Like clothing, jewelry is striking; rings with large stones of characteristic colors and shapes, colorful necklaces with pearls and fringes, as well as bracelets. Simplicity is not a term that would appropriately describe jewelry. Boho jewelry involves stringing, layering, and mass. Jewelry also contains specific symbolism, not only aesthetic, which is not surprising, given that bohemians are inclined to nature and spirituality.

Like the hippie style, the rule of the boho style is that there are no rules. For many people, it is also a mitigating factor as it makes almost any combination unmistakable. Necessary is dosing, a reasonable limit to everything, matching, mixing, and the most significant personalization. Boho is an expression of individuality.