Fashion Styles
A Fashion Style For Every Personality

A Fashion Style For Every Personality

Many women mistakenly believe that only a few women can look fantastic wearing the best FASHION STYLE. The reality is that any woman can look great in the latest fashion. The key is to respect your own personality, choosing clothes that you feel comfortable with and identify with.

Here is a brief description of each FASHION STYLE. Also, the type of personality that best matches each one.

Classic style

The classic style is highlighted by the use of basic garments such as: black pants, white shirt, black dress, the use of colors such as black, white and gray. Skirts to the knee, few accessories and elegant bags.

This FASHION STYLE is perfect for you if you are sober, you do not want to call attention to yourself and you do not want to take risks with your appearance.

Romantic style

The romantic style is characterized by the use of dresses, long skirts, soft fabrics such as cotton and linen. Those who follow this fashion style like the prints with flowers, polka dots and romantic designs. The colors of this style are pink, fuxia, violet, camel and white.

This style is for you if you are romantic, dreamy and feminine.

Hipster style

This style rejects the great trends of fashion and bets on the uniqueness of each individual.

Basically this style is expressed through original garments, which is not fashionable. The hipster style is for you if you have an alternative lifestyle and consider yourself an original person.

Urban-chic style

The urban chic style is expressed through basic and functional garments, with elegant details. The clothes respect the latest fashion trends, but they adapt to the busy lifestyle that women lead.

This FASHION STYLE is for you if you are a very dynamic woman. This style can be used to go to work, to the mall or to a special event at night.