9 Family Pajamas That Will Keep Your Together

9 Family Pajamas That Will Keep Your Together

The family usually wear pajamas to sleep at night. Pajamas can be for babies, kids, couples,s or for family pajamas. Pajama models also have various colors and motifs. Here are family pajamas that you can consider buying them.

1. Organic kids PJ pant in tree print

This tree patterned pajama pants is very interesting to be used as family pajamas. With tree motifs and Tosca blue, it is very comfortable besides being worn and seen.

2. Organic kids PJ top

This type of pajamas has a variety of colors. If you want a dark color, such as black, navy or dark green, you can check it here. There are also bright colors, though not many, such as Tosca or red, which are very attractive to wear.

3. Grown-ups PJ top in stripe

Even though there are many pajamas with line models that are selling and also many are wearing, still, these pajamas with line motifs are very beautiful to wear. Plus with attractive colors such as red, green, or gray.

4. Organic zip footie in peacock

These pajamas are very beautiful to wear for your baby if you have a baby boy. With striped peacock and navy colors, it really adds to the cuteness of your baby.

5. Grown-ups fleece pant in star print

These star-patterned pajama pants are perfect for you and your partner. Especially when worn with top pajamas with the same motif and color. For these pajamas, there are 2 colors, namely red and navy.

6. Fleece PJ top

This pajama top can be worn by boys or girls. Because the ivory color can be used for all children. It can even be worn with star print or rainbow line pajama pants.

7. Kids PJ top in rainbow

This pajama top with a rainbow motif is unique. Lines with colors like a rainbow are perfect for your child. With a choice of colors: rainbow ivory, rainbow heather gray or rainbow navy, it’s very interesting to try.

8. Organic grown-ups PJ top in rainbow

Rainbow pajama tops for adults are also very attractive to be twins with your baby. Used together with your child, then do interesting things before going to bed, very memorable. Nowadays, the color choices are only rainbow navy.

9. Fleece footie in star print

These pajamas for your baby with a star motif is very cute when worn on your baby boy or baby girl. With a choice of navy-peacock star and pomegranate star navy, it’s a really pretty color combination.