3 Habits That Destroy Your Beauty That You Should Avoid

3 Habits That Destroy Your Beauty That You Should Avoid

All women of all cultures have the goal of achieving BEAUTY, based on their own ideals. We all know that to be beautiful we must eat healthy, exercise, sleep well, take care of the skin, etc. While these habits are very effective in looking good, it is also important to take into account harmful habits that destroy BEAUTY. These habits must be avoided throughout your life, so that you can maintain youth and good health.

Here are the 5 habits that destroy beauty and you should always avoid them.


Smoking is the most harmful habit that destroys BEAUTY. To begin with, smoking negatively affects your breathing, therefore not enough oxygen reaches your cells. This makes the aging process accelerate and your skin easily wrinkles. In addition, smoking negatively affects dental aesthetics by staining the teeth. Remember that the smell of cigarettes on your skin and clothes is very difficult to eliminate.


Drinking alcohol in excess greatly damages your BEAUTY. This substance destroys your body inside and this will inevitably be reflected in your face and body. Alcohol destroys vitamins that are essential for your skin. As a result, your skin looks dull, aged and blotchy. Alcohol also causes weight gain. Fat accumulates in the abdomen and waist. If you drink alcohol in excess, don’t hesitate to seek help from free institutions such as Alcoholics Anonymous, which work every day.

3-Sedentary lifestyle

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle you should know that this habit is very detrimental to your BEAUTY. If you don’t move during the day or move little, you will inevitably gain weight. The worst thing is that your muscles will lose tone and you will look flabby. You can change this tendency by encouraging yourself to do a physical activity that you like. Start walking every day, that will encourage you to do other physical activities.