13 women’s Belts You Must Have in Your Wardrobe

13 women’s Belts You Must Have in Your Wardrobe

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If you want some useful information on women’s belts, please go through the list of 13 belts hereunder.

1. Mable Belt

If you are looking for a simple and understated leather belt with the best of imported workmanship, then please have a look at this one. It comes with adjustable buckle closure and could be a good addition to your wardrobe.

2. Austin Knotted Belt

There are reasons to believe that this is a sleek and sophisticated leather belt. It is imported and spots clean. It comes in 5 different sizes. It looks good and lasts long.

3. Jones Belt

This is a narrow and gorgeous looking belt that adds quite a bit of sophistication and class. It is made from high quality leather and is imported. It comes with adjustable leather buckle closure and offers good value for money.

4. Double O-ring Belt From Tonya

You will be buying a textured high quality leather belt, should you decide to go for this. It has a stunning and great looking finish. Additionally, it is made of high-quality leather. It is imported and you will love the adjustable buckle closure feature amongst other things.

5. Morgan Belt

If you love dual buckles, then you will have many reasons to buy this Morgan Belt. It is a combination of high quality leather with metal accessories. It is imported and built to last and looks good for a reasonably long period of time. A good value for money product.

6. Palmer Leather Belt

It is a product from Carole Kotler who has been manufacturing quality belts since 2002. The belt is a perfect combination of bohemian inspiration and the most sophisticated and stylish design. It comes with embossed leather, spot clean and adjustable buckle closure. It is made in the USA.

7. Tabitha Stretch Belt

It is a quality leather belt that combines decent looks with durability, toughness and good performance. It is a value for money leather belt. It comes in standard and plus sizes. This imported belt is without any doubt a good buy.

8. Tyler Knotted Suede Belt

The belt comes in three different colors and is made from the best quality soft suede. It is a stylish product without any doubt and you will be standing apart from the crowd wearing it. It is imported and has an adjustable peg closure.

9. Chantal Leather Belt

It is another stylish looking and tough performance belt, made from pure leather. It comes with buckles that are adjustable. It is imported and certainly adds a sophisticated style when worn for casual or formal occasions.

10. Embossed Leather Belt – Wildflower

One look at this wonderfully designed, crafted and performance-oriented belt, you may have many reasons to fall in love with it. It is a classy belt made from leather, with spot clean features and also comes with adjustable buckles. It is imported.

11. Ember Wrap Belt

The belt is a creation of the famous designer Ada Komorniczak. You will love the way this belt has been crafted. It is completely handmade and has a natural and beautiful look. It is made from quality leather. Imported, the belt comes with adjustable tie closure and other features.

12. Chicory Woven Belt

A unique belt, you will certainly be standing out from the crowd and will become a cynosure of attention when you are wearing it. It is made from quality imported leather and comes with an adjustable buckle apart from other features.

13. Whitney Scrunched Belt

If you are looking for a belt made from a quality polyurethane material, your search should end here. It comes with a clasp buckle and is imported but made to suit local requirements.

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