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11 Nail Polishes And Care Make Your Hands Look Amazing

11 Nail Polishes And Care Make Your Hands Look Amazing

Women are definitely not far from beauty and care. One of them is to beautify your nails by using nail polish. The use of nail polish nowadays is not only by using one color of nail polish but can be used in various colors which are called polish by look.

But don’t forget, when using nail polish, we also need to pay attention to care for your nail. Here I will give you some nail polish and their treatments, so you can keep doing your own home salon, so it’s still safe and beautiful.


For those who love nail polish, the Pumpkin Spice Latte is perfect for you. Because it consists of 4 neutral colors. Such as cinnamon brown, terracotta orange, dusty apricot and creamy neutral will beautify your nails with any skin tone.

2. BEB

BEB for those who like classic colors because they are thin white. Even so, BEB still looks soft, so for those who don’t like bright colors, this color is right for you. BEB comes from the name Bry Emery, the founder of Design Love Fest.

3. HZ

This nail polish is reddish in color but still neutral because it is not too bright. This HZ is also for those of you who like neutral colors that are safe to use in all situations. HZ itself comes from the name of a ThirdLove founder, Heidi Zak.


Do you like light colors for your nail polish? XOXO is perfect for you because this nail polish is bright pink so that people who see it will certainly be amazed by your nails, which, although they are bright, are still feminine.


This red nail polish is like Ruby, so if you use this nail polish, you will look like you are wearing a very beautiful ruby to decorate your nails.

6. OMG

This dark blue color even though it looks too dark, but if we apply it to our nails, it will still look cool. Especially for those of you who like dark colors, don’t be afraid to use this OMG, you will be more sophisticated.

7. JJ

JJ’s nail polish comes from the name Juliana Joel. The color of this nail polish is cinnamon-brown which is very sweet and spicy like the name cinnamon. Suitable for those of you who have a warm nature.


The complete serum set contains a hand serum, for your hands to keep them moisturized and not dry, a foot serum, for your feet not to be hydrated and more radiant after Pedi, as well as a cuticle serum which also moisturizes without feeling heavy and oily.


This cuticle remover is just a drop, without having to clip or cut it, and your cuticles will peel off and your skin will remain soft. So there are no cuts at all when you use this product.


This hand serum is very nice to use because it is very light and absorbs quickly so it doesn’t feel dry and greasy.

11. THE K.I.T. KIT

The KIT (Keep It Together) is one of the treatments that you must have because it contains everything you need to protect your nail polish. Where it contains: topcoat to protect your nail polish, cuticle serum to avoid dryness, and dual grit nail files to smooth the edges of your nails