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10 Must-Haves For Beautiful Home-Made Nails This 2021

10 Must-Haves For Beautiful Home-Made Nails This 2021

Now more than ever, stylish and beautiful nails are a must when it comes to being fashionable. Since we all wear masks almost every time we go out, putting on make-up is just not advisable and practical. What’s now in and trendy is how you take care and fashion your nails and how you polish it or do art on them to complement your style and personality.

Today, there are a lot of nail and polish brands and products out there that promise you excellent quality and service. But only a few can live up to their promises and one of those brands is Olive & June. This brand is the ultimate one-stop-shop for everything about nail care, tools, polish, and nail art.

Since we are still advocating for staying at home, it is advisable for you to do your own nails at home. And to help you set up your own personal home nail salon, we highly recommend these 10 products only from Olive & June:

1.The Mani System

This will provide you with all the tools, polish, and extras that you need to have the perfect nails.

2.The Pedi System

This complete set of tools plus polish and extras will help you do the perfect pedis.

3.The Complete System

This is the best value combo that will grace you with beautiful manis and pedis all day every day.

4.Bright & Focused Yellow Polish

You got to have this illuminating yellow nail polish because yellow is one of the two colors of the year 2021.

5.AW Alli Webb Grey Polish

The all-around neutral ultimate gray shade of this nail polish is a must-have alongside yellow as the color of the year 2021.

6.The Sheer Set

This set of five sheer nail polish of different neutral shades is perfect for an everyday classy yet fashionable look.

7.Dry Drops

A single drop or two of this concoction on your newly polished nail is enough to dry it in as fast as 80 seconds.

8.The Complete Serum Set

This must-have set of hydration serums will give the care and love that your hands, feet, and cuticles deserve.

9.Nail Art Stickers

These cute nail art stickers are easy to put on and will surely add that unique special touch to your perfectly polished nails.

10.Out Of This World Trio

This phenomenal set is a combo of three unique and stellar nail polish that you can layer or use on their own.