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10 Health Smoothies Recipes Makes You Recharge

10 Health Smoothies Recipes Makes You Recharge

In this content piece, we have compiled the top 1o health smoothies recipes from Daily Harvest [] that you can incorporate into your daily life as a way to boost your fruit and veggie intake.

1.Ginger + Greens

The key ingredients for this meticulously sourced drink are organic banana, organic spinach, organic avocado, organic ginger, organic lemon, and organic flaxseed. Green smoothies that contain a lot of green leafy vegetables serve as excellent companions for keeping you healthy and adding essential vitamins and minerals to your body.

2.Cacao + Avocado

This creamy, chocolatey milkshake is made from a mix of cacao powder and nibs, avocado, pumpkin seeds, and zucchini for a healthy pick-me-up drink. After trying some avocado in a cacao smoothie, you may never make another drink without it again.

3.Mango + Greens

This immunity-boosting blend is packed with tons of Vitamin C, fiber-rich greens, and hydrating power from coconut water. A daily green smoothie can offer a super convenient way to kickstart your morning on a refreshing note or refuel your energy right after a grueling workout.

4.Strawberry + Peach

This best-selling smoothie contains organic strawberry, organic banana, organic peach, organic raspberry, organic oats, and organic goji berry to keep you full all day. Not only does the delicious taste of these fruit smoothies have the ability to cheer up your senses, but the myriads of health benefits make it an awesome treat for your mind and body.

5.Acai + Cherry

Enjoy this multi-berry blend that contains freshly-picked sweet cherries, raspberries, blueberries, and a hearty dose of acai berries. The beauty of this smoothie is that you can also benefit from the weight-loss properties of acai berries while keeping you on the right track towards good health.

6.Chai + Coconut

Satisfy your comfort food cravings with a low-sugar smoothie that contains warming chai spices combined with coconut, cauliflower, zucchini, and hemp protein. This delightful drink can be a good replacement for your junk food and greasy cravings.

7.Carrot + Cinnamon

This bright orange smoothie is the decadence of carrot cake with the benefits of beta-carotene, Vitamin C, and A that supports health and the immune system. You will never go wrong with this creamy blend as it also brings major omega-3s to the table.

8.Cherry + Almond

A childhood classic just got a major upgrade, with the addition of creamy almond butter, juicy strawberries, sweet cherries, and a hint of vanilla bean for a not too heavy, not too sweet combo that will keep you fueled for hours no matter where the day takes you.

9.Pineapple + Matcha

Filled with Vitamin C-rich pineapple, a generous dose of matcha, and fat-burning coconut, this blend will help maintain your belly fat. This inflammation-fighting drink is full of alkalizing minerals that help reduce stress on the body and make your skin glow.

10.Mandarin + Carrot

This tonic-like smoothie is an absolute powerhouse of immune-boosting Vitamin C to combat diseases and inflammation. This light and citrusy smoothie is packed with vitamins and nutrients that are perfect for battling cold and flu season.